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Workplaces more and more recognize the multiple negative impacts mental health problems can have on individuals and on organizational life. At the same time, they are more aware of their power and responsibility to promote positive mental health among their workforce.

A crucial test of an organization’s capacity to promote positive mental health is how it accommodates employees when mental health problems interfere with effectiveness. Well-designed accommodations (possibly including leaves of absences and graduated return-to-work processes) benefit both the employee and the organization.

This session looks at the impact of mental health problems in the workplace and reviews best practice job accommodation and return-to-work principles and procedures. It also provides practical guidance on how organizations can promote positive mental health for every employee every day.

At the end of this session, attendees will be able to:

1.    Recognize the multiple negative impacts of common mental health problems in the workplace and the signs that an employee may be struggling;

2.    Plan and implement best-practice job accommodations (including return-to-work processes);

3.    Spot opportunities to build resilience and promote positive mental health at their workplaces for every employee every day.