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DURHAM MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES believes that individuals with lived experience of mental illness can vitally contribute to the recovery process for people who are experiencing mental health problems.

The client/peer support relationship can promote resilience and help buffer stressors or adversity. Clients benefit from the empathy and encouragement that a person who has lived their struggles can offer. It is support “by peers for peers” – a positive, inspiring, and equal relationship that promotes health, self-acceptance, and progress towards recovery.

DHMS Consumer Survivor Initiatives can offer:

  • Assistance setting recovery goals
  • Life-skills training and coaching
  • Psycho-educational programming
  • Social networking and support
  • Linkage to services

Our Peer Support Specialists also work in the community to raise awareness of mental illness and stigma, provide education, and coordinate Peer Support programming with other organizations. In this capacity, DMHS is the lead agency in the Consumer Survivor Initiative Network for the Central East LHIN.

DMHS Consumer Survivor Initiatives also offers:

  • Education
  • System coordination
  • Peer Support program development

DMHS is a proud sponsor of the consumer advocacy group V.A.S.E. – Voices Against Stigma Everywhere.

For Information About These Programs

• Call our C.A.L.L. Line (Crisis–Access–Linkage– Line) at 1-800-742-1890 or 905-666-0483
• Fax a Referral for Service to our Intake Team at 905-666-2976
• Email dmhscentralintake@lh.ca