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Distressed individuals are prone to “act out” (through aggression) or “act in” (through vulnerability to suicide) as a way of coping with unwanted feelings. If you work or live with people who may become distressed, you need to know how to respond effectively; that is, in ways that support the distressed person and reduce the risk to them and others.

This interactive 1-day workshop presents a research-based model of effective crisis intervention and allows participants to practice using that model in situations relevant to their own unique environments/situations. It includes two group running role-plays, one for situations involving potentially aggressive individuals, one for situations involving suicidal individuals. It also presents ways to prevent crisis by modifying the physical and social environment in healthy ways.

At the end of this session, attendees will be able to:

1.   Understand the principles of effective crisis and suicide intervention;

2.   Apply these principles in real-life encounters with aggressive or suicidal people;

3.   Recognize ways to make their workplace or service environment safer for every person every day.