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In the Spring, Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences (Ontario Shores) and Durham Mental Health Services (DMHS) announced their commitment to explore opportunities for greater collaboration.

Ontario Shores and DMHS worked together to conduct a thorough analysis of an integration, its impact, value proposition and opportunities.

Following this process, it has been decided to discontinue discussions about a possible amalgamation.

There are a number of complex factors for each organization to consider when making this decision and it was felt that it would be best to not pursue a formal integration at this time.

Ontario Shores and DMHS have a long history of working together to support the mental health needs of the community. Those collaborations in the areas of housing, clinical partnerships, and education and awareness events will continue as Ontario Shores and DMHS move forward.

Both organizations remain open to potential collaborations with each other or other organizations in the future to support the mental health continuum of the patients and communities they serve.