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Home > news > Testimonial about DMHS Senior Support Program

My father moved into a Regency Place apartment in October 2016. In December he took ill and required hospitalization. Upon discharge, the hospital provided support but additional support was needed.

I had learned about DMHS’ Senior Support program from the superintendent when my father first moved in. He spoke very highly of the program and encouraged me to seek their support as needed. I wondered if they could help provide additional support to my father and went to their office to check. The staff were friendly and cooperative and it was a very seamless process to arrange additional care. This made my life so much easier because I was so stressed out. I have found since that this first encounter with the program was typical, as all of the staff go way above and beyond.

They immediately organized an interview to assess my father’s needs. It was amazing how much help and support the Senior Support nurse gave me – she contacted me almost daily over the first little while to check in and to describe what the program was able to do for my Dad. They were able to meet his daily needs in cooperation with Lakeridge Health Oshawa’s outreach program. In addition, their recreational therapist arranged to meet weekly with my father and these visits really brightened his mood. She got hold of a donated guitar and they sang together and it was just great.

Another example of their thoughtful responsiveness is that my Dad was on oxygen but due to his vision impairment, he sometimes struggled to switch out one tank for another. One time when the power went out, the Senior Support staff were immediately at his door ensuring he had his portable oxygen tank going. Being onsite, they were able to respond rapidly to emerging needs.

I couldn’t believe how much they offered and the way they understood our needs – it made me feel at ease with all of the stress I had been going through. The staff were like my guardian angels.