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Home > news > Testimonial about DMHS Family Support Program (Anonymous)

We were in a deep dark place when we found DMHS to let a little light in.

The DMHS Family Support group meetings have been invaluable by allowing us to share our experiences and learn through others’ experiences. To share pain and happiness. Learning to appreciate not just small steps in the right direction but those teeny tiny ones. Supporting each other with empathy and understanding. Learning safety tips. Learning the importance of self care. Acceptance that our loved ones have an illness, it is not their choice or any one’s fault. Learning that we can get through the bad days and must hold on to hope of better days. Working together to try to find solutions that may help such as the Peer Support Worker home visit program – our son’s anxiety does not allow him to go out to attend day programs or to socialize but the Peer Support Worker gave him the opportunity to talk to someone other than his boring parents, someone objective to share his thoughts and feelings with.

Through DMHS we were informed of the Ontario Shores Prompt Care clinic which provided a starting point for medication.

DMHS connected us with one of their sessional fee psychiatrists who has been wonderful.

DMHS provided us the Mental Health First Aid course.

DMHS Education nights have provided opportunities to learn more about other types of mental illness, to meet and learn from other doctors, care workers and even financial advisers, and to connect with other caregivers.

DMHS informed us about the Mental Health Court Support Diversion Program that kept our son out of jail.

While there is plenty of room for improvement in our situation (baby steps here too), we are grateful for the rays of light.