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Home > news > Durham Mental Health Services Pleased to Announce New Staff Roles Adding More Support to Housing and Easing Homelessness in the Community

Rob Adams_Terry Pariseau_Marni BellOntario and the Central East Local Health Integration Network (Central East LHIN) are  investing in more support in the area of housing and homelessness and Durham Mental Health Services (DMHS) is pleased to announce they will be fulfilling this new initiative with  the recruitment of two DMHS Regional Housing Coordinators.

With DMHS recognized as a strong housing and homeless service provider, the DMHS Regional Housing Coordinators will work to strengthen the partnerships and connections with other housing agencies to better plan, implement and evaluate services and supports for this very vulnerable population including homeless, precariously housed and marginalized people living in the Durham Region and Scarborough clusters of the LHIN.

“Homelessness is an issue in many communities. This much needed funding will allow us to better identify the resources, housing wise that are available in Durham and Scarborough.” Rob Adams, Executive Director, DMHS. “Having safe and affordable housing are key for people, especially when they are struggling with mental health and addictions issues. Without safe and affordable housing it puts people at a greater risk of illness, so it makes sense that the Central East LHIN finds it important to invest in this initiative and we are proud as an Agency to be called to the task.”

Marni Bell and Terry Pariseau are the new Regional Housing Coordinators staffed at DMHS that are tasked with the role of working closely with the local municipalities and region to support the establishment of Housing and Homelessness plans as stipulated under the Housing Services Act and in line with the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe. Ms. Bell is the Housing Coordinator for the Region of Durham, and Ms. Pariseau is the Housing Coordinator working with partners in the Scarborough area. Both Ms. Bell and Ms. Pariseau come with a wealth of experience and hands on background in serving the population who struggle with mental health issues. As a team, both Ms. Bell and Ms. Pariseau have been out in the community meeting with partners and service providers to research the challenges as well as the successes in working with Housing and Homelessness in Durham Region and Scarborough areas of the Central East LHIN.  They are now moving into setting up information gathering meetings later in June to support their work.

Approximately 30 percent of Ontarians will experience a mental health and/or substance abuse problem at some point in their lifetime, with one out of 40 Ontarians having a serious mental illness. Given this fact, it is important that new investments in mental health and addictions are being put into services in order to strengthen the system of supports for people with mental health and addictions issues so they can spend more days at home in their communities which is the shared aim of the Central East LHIN and its health service providers.

“DMHS is excited to be a part of this.” Rob Adams, Executive Director, DMHS.

The much needed funding will help a growing population of residents coping with mental health and addiction issues. This funding is part of the larger community-based investments by the Province announced on April 8, 2015 and April 16, 2015. To read the full news releases, please click on and

“The Central East LHIN recognizes the exemplary work that Durham Mental Health Services is undertaking in Durham and Scarborough, and that their colleagues at Fourcast are also undertaking in the LHIN’s Northeast Cluster, to build positive and collaborative working relationships with local municipalities.   By working in partnership, the LHIN, its health service providers and municipalities will be better able to address the needs of those who face challenges in securing and maintaining safe, affordable and accessible housing.”  Deborah Hammons, CEO, Central East LHIN