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Home > news > DMHS’ New Winds Day Program Hosts First Annual Fashion Show

Clients of DMHS’ New Winds Day Program strutted the stage last Wednesday at the program’s first ever fashion show.

Staff from DMHS’ Peer Support program organized the show to bring clients and staff together and also to give New Winds clients new clothing, especially for the colder months ahead.  They were impressed by the amount of help that was given to put the event together, making it even bigger and better than they imagined.

Peer Support Specialist Donelle Latimer explains, “We noticed that many of our group members wore the same few outfits regularly. We brainstormed how we could provide affordable clothing options, while having a fun and positive experience. We put out a call to DMHS staff who came together and donated a huge amount of clothing.”

Over a dozen clients participated in the event, which featured a mix of formal, business and casual wear. Staff and students from other DMHS programs assisted with hair and makeup.

This was a unique and enjoyable experience for all of the clients involved. Angela remarked, “The fashion show went astonishingly well. It felt like I was back in modelling class. I got so many new clothes and even a denim onesie that I never thought that I would wear, but it is the most comfortable outfit. Other people said I looked very nice and fitting in the new denim onesie that I chose.” Rebecca said, “I was a bit nervous at first but after it had come to an end, I realized it was a lot of fun. I would love to do it again next year.”

DMHS Executive Director Rob Adams stated that “The event was one of the highlights of  twenty-eight years of service. I am so proud of the clients and of the staff for putting this together.”

Many thanks to all the staff and volunteers for donating the clothing. The event could not have happened without your generosity.

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