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Terms of Reference

Purpose and Accountability

Best Practices working group is a committee that is to be represented by every funded CSI program in the CELIHN to ensure constancy. The main goal will be to put together a recommended Best Practice Document that can be communicated to our agencies, the CELIHN and recognized by the Ministry of Health.

Best Practices CSI Working group is designed to incorporate the knowledge, skills and commitment of funded CSI programs to strengthen Peer Support Programs.  Share what is working for them and learn from others.


Every funded CSI program in the CELHIN will be invited to participate. Membership will be reviewed if more CSI funding happens.  Members will be expected to have knowledge their agencies implantation of Peer Support, have worked on developing programs, have an understanding on program strengths and challenges, have the ability to analyses and conceptualize systems, have the ability to communicate the role that the Peer Support plays within their agency, and, have the ability to bring new information back to their agency.


  • Meet on a regular basis as determined by the working group
  • Work with other agencies to insure that the developed Best Practices CSI Working document will fit with all programs
  • Communicate effectively through meetings, e mails and other mechanisms to insure that all agencies involved have input in the document
  • Participate in Best Practices CSI Working group information on a regularly scheduled basis.  By reviewing and analyzing significant information in order to identify, what is working, system failures, risks, trends and problems as they relate to the Peer Support role
  • To be actively involved in the discussion regarding the Best Practice document debate what should and should not include
  • Make recommendations for sharing information within all agencies that will improve client service, safety or work life quality, or other factors that come out of these discussions.
  • Produce a document, that there is an agreement from all agencies, that  represents best practices for peer support
  • Participate in evaluating this working group

Working Relationships

The Best Practices CSI Working group report to their designated Program Coordinators, who in turn sit on the agency’s Management Team.

Frequency and Timing of Meetings

The Best Practices CSI Working group meets quarterly.


Minutes including action plans and updates of Best Practices CSI Working meetings are to be sent within a week of meetings to the entire working group. There will be a file with all meetings stored with the Chair and Secretary of the working group.


A quorum consists of the members present which must include at least one representative from each funded CSI agency.